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Interim Agreement Reached to Provide WA Youth More Mental Health Services

After 13 months of mediation, two state agencies and advocacy groups have reached a temporary agreement to develop reforms in the Washington state mental health system for children and youth enrolled in Medicaid.

The original case, T.R, et al v. Dreyfus, argued deficiencies in access to intensive community-based mental health services. The parties began mediation in January 2011 to address the claims in the suit and, though this agreement does not settle the case, it will suspend litigation so that the state and plaintiffs can collaborate and focus on reform.

The National Center for Youth Law says the ultimate goal is to reduce psychiatric hospitalizations, keep kids out of foster care and reduce juvenile justice interventions for those children and youth most affected by mental illness.

For more information, read the press release. You can also contact Tracy Schroth at the National Center for Youth Law at 510-835-8098, ext. 3013.

-Ryann Blackshere

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