New Foster Youth Museum Exhibition in Los Angeles

Foster Youth Museum (FYM), a project conceived by current and former foster youth, is the largest collection of art, artifacts and video portraits about youth experiences in foster care. The museum has been traveling with the exhibit “Lost Childhoods” for more than four years and is launching a new meaningful exhibit to expand foster care awareness, featuring the stories of foster youth college students and college graduates.

FYM’s latest exhibit, “See Me: Portraits of Foster Youth” is showing at Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral in Los Angeles from January 11 – March 4, 2019.

FYM and Fostering Media Connections (FMC), a national nonprofit journalism organization, are coming together to host the two-month exhibition about the lives, struggles, and wellbeing of foster youth, including postsecondary education journeys.

The public is invited to attend a reception for the exhibit on February 22 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Saint John’s (near the USC campus in University Park).

The general public does not see or hear enough of the powerful contributions that youth from foster care make, save for a few “feel good” media stories here and there. Most people do not see the foster youth who grow up to become the successful mothers, the graduate school finishers, the community leaders, the youth who work their way to their bachelor’s degrees over a decade while working full time, the artists, or the young adults who adopt their siblings and save them from languishing in foster care. 

“See Me: Portraits of Foster Youth” tells those stories. In large scale, archival quality black and white portraits (shot by Foster Youth Museum’s Director of Curation and Exhibition Design and Professional Photographer, Ray Bussolari) accompanied by stories of significance about those youth, “See Me” powerfully documents and tells the stories of the resilience and undeniable beauty of foster youth.  Featuring college students and graduates, mothers, social workers, lawyers, public servants, community leaders and artists, “See Me” provides a hopeful narrative for youth emerging from foster care.

This exhibit is made possible with the generous support of the Pritzker Foster Care Initiative and The California Wellness Foundation.

Thalia Henderson