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Bringing the foster carE community together …

FMC's Foster Youth Questival is many things. At it's core, it is a five-day trip to Shasta, CA with the goal of climbing Mt. Shasta, the fifth highest mountain in California. 

After months of training and fundraising, climbers carpool from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Shasta, California. This is an opportunity to bring together leaders in the foster care community to confront a challenge unlike any other.

This program is organized by the team at Fostering Media Connections. Questival originally started as a fundraiser, and has grown into FMC's favorite community event. 

We select a team of about 16 people, including transition-age foster youth and adult supports, to tackle this adventure. Some of the commitments a Questival climber makes include: 

  • Fundraise

  • Train their bodies for an extremely physically demanding event

  • Participate in team-building activities

  • Write about their experience, before and after Questival

Before the trip to Mt. Shasta, Questival climbers (as well as their friends and loved ones, and community members who support the event) are welcome to participate in Questival Club events, which center around weekend hikes in Los Angeles. 

Contact us to learn how you can get involved here.