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Fostering Media Connections is a nonprofit media organization that uses a mix of investigative, accountability and solution-oriented journalism to drive reform within the systems that serve vulnerable children, youth and their families.

Solution-oriented Journalism

We produce journalism that elevates the dialogue around child welfare and youth justice in our publications The Chronicle of Social Change and Fostering Families Today. We encourage co-publishing, partnerships with and follow-up coverage from other media outlets so the voices of young people and vulnerable families carry farther, and hold policymakers accountable. Our history of unbiased, solution-oriented reporting has driven reform of family-serving systems numerous times.

There are three major components to producing journalism that has the potential to drive reform:

01. story production

Our staff writers know state and federal child welfare policy and practice like no one else. We lead the conversation, producing our own stories and working with talented freelancers and expert contributors whenever possible.

02. media distribution

We actively pursue co-publishing and other partnership opportunities with nonprofit and mainstream media outlets. We are cited in hundreds of legacy publications, professional newsletters and local papers every year.

03. Policy impact

Our primary goal is to tell stories. But our intent in telling those stories is to drive change, when needed, to the public systems that serve vulnerable children, youth and families. For examples of some of the policy changes we have seen as a result of pressure from our reporting check out our impact.


“By taking this direction they have the chance to be the primary source for those covering child welfare and to significantly impact public policy."


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Fostering Media Connections (FMC) was founded in 2010 with the goal of using journalism to drive reform that positively affects vulnerable children and families.


In 2012, FMC became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In 2013, we launched The Chronicle of Social Change, a news site dedicated to child welfare. In 2016 we launched our Youth Voice Program to train youth to produce journalism, and in 2017 acquired Fostering Families Today magazine. Most recently we opened three new bureaus across the country.


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